ITCO has the right solution when longitudinal water barrier becomes necessary. ITCOGEL protects fibres from moisture and mechanical stress. ITCO products meet the exacting standards set by today's cable manufacturing and joining techniques. Our product line incorporates synthetic and aliphatic hydrocarbons having proven compatibility with a wide variety of fibre coatings, inks and tube construction materials including PBTP, Nylon 12, Polypropylene, etc. 

Our versatile Gels are being successfully used in a wide variety of cable designs, including Loose Tube, Central Tube, Ribbon Construction and Slotted Core. 

The ITCOGEL range combining features like non-toxicity, stability at a wide temperature range and well-defined flow characteristics, is available commercially mainly under ITCOGEL T and ITCOGEL C series for filling and flooding applications respectively. The basic difference is in their degree of softness and rheological properties as measured by viscosity at various shear rates. These products are highly pure, non-melting, thixotropic gels that can be used for extrusion at high temperatures above 200C while remaining pliable even at temperatures below 50C. 

ITCOGEL T series products exhibit a high degree of thixotropicity. They are specifically designed to pass the drip test at 80C while maintaining an excellent softness even at 60C, allowing stress-free radial and tangential movement of the fibres. Besides having good cone penetration values, they also have significant rheological characteristics of Gel, especially the yield stress and recovery time, which affect performance during processing and service lift. These Gels remain fluid for sufficient time to allow correct fibre overfeed into the tube, which is essential for loose tube and central tube design. 

ITCOGEL C series also includes interesting options of water absorbent thixotropic gels, which ensure 100 % water tightness of the cables. This product range also offers options for applications requiring hot melt jelly (Current grades ITCOGEL C 500 & C 510) 

The categories of products:

Filling Gels

Flooding Gels

Speciality Gels


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