Tube Filling Compounds


ITCOGEL T series products exhibit excellent thixotropic behaviour. They are specifically designed to pass the drip test at 80°C while maintaining an excellent softness even at – 60°C, allowing stress-free radial and tangential movement of the fibres. Besides having good cone penetration values, they also have significant rheological characteristics of Gel, especially the yield stress and recovery time, which affect performance during processing and service lift.

These Gels remain fluid for sufficient time to allow correct fibre overfeed into the tube, which is essential for loose tube and central tube design.

Our range of Tube Filling Compounds:

  • ITCOGEL T 270 C
  • ITCOGEL T 250
  • ITCOGEL T 210
  • ITCOGEL T 204
  • ITCOGEL T 200 S
  • ITCOGEL T 280
  • ITCOGEL T 100
  • ITCOGEL T 100S